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      US Department of Transportation Number Decals & Stickers should be placed anywhere on each side of the truck or vehicle that is clearly visible from at least 50 feet away. The number lettering should be a minimum of 2” and the color of the decal should contrast with the color of the vehicle. If your truck is black, the lettering should be white, or a light color.

      Your regulation numbers can be placed on the truck door, on the side of the cabin, anywhere law enforcement or scale operators have easy visual access. It is very important to clearly display your numbers to ease the inspection process and get you on the road. Below is an image of where we recommend you place your company name, location & all of the regulation numbers you have (US DOT). If you have any question about any compliance number, send us a message, and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.


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      how do dot numbers need to be displayed