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      We Are The Best In USDOT Truck Number Decal Sticker Lettering | Shop From The Professionals

      usdot decals

      Do you need to be USDOT compliant? Are you a new trucker? Do you want to gain new customers?

      If you answered yes to any of those questions, we recommend you visit our website and shop the best truck decal lettering products online.

      All of our designs and products follow the USDOT & FMCSA regulation for lettering compliance. If you can see from the images below, having professional decal lettering makes a huge difference not only to the public but also DOT authorities. Having professional lettering says that you care about your truck and business and you are doing things right. We hate seeing truckers writing their lettering on a piece of paper. What would happen if the paper falls off and they have a truck scale up ahead?

      We want you to succeed and that’s why we are here. To help you stay compliant.

      Shop our website today!


      usdot number stickers

      semi truck signs

      before professional usdot lettering

      after professional usdot truck lettering

      Examples of USDOT Compliant USDOT (DOT) Number Decal Sticker Lettering

      usdot number decal

      Is your commercial vehicle US DOT compliant? Below are a few examples of USDOT compliant lettering decals.


      • USDOT numbers must be at least two inches in height
      • USDOT numbers must be visible from 50 feet away
      • USDOT numbers must contrast with color of vehicle
      • USDOT numbers must be easy to read.

      usdot number decal sticker lettering

      custom us dot number sticker lettering decal

      custom usdot truck door decal lettering

      example of usdot number decal

      nice usdot number decal sticker lettering


      displaying your us dot number correctly man holding usdot sign

      usdot number sticker decal example

      measuring usdot number sticker decal


      california chp ca number decal sticker mcp california highway patrol ca number

      CHP 362 CHP california ca number sticker decal lettering dot USDOT US DOT