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      CA: The number assigned by the CHP and displayed on vehicles as "CA 000000".

      US DOT: The number assigned by the FMCSA and displayed on vehicles as "USDOT 000000".

      This number is not the same thing as the docket or ICC number. Many commercial motor vehicle operators have both numbers, and should list both.

      The US DOT number is required for all California motor carriers per Section 34507.5 VC.

      MC: The number assigned to your organization by the FMCSA. This number is often shown on documents as "MTR 000000," and on vehicles as "MC 000000" with the zeros replaced by the number assigned to the company.  *Do not list a number that is assigned to a motor carrier to which your vehicle is leased or to which your company is subcontracted.

      MX: Similar to MC numbers, but are assigned to carriers based in Mexico and operating in the United States.

      Cal-T: The number assigned to California intrastate household goods carriers by the PUC. Cal-T numbers are no longer valid for any type of motor carrier other than household goods carriers.

      PSG: A number assigned by the PUC to intrastate for-hire passenger carriers (other than taxi services), which are preceded by the prefix "TCP" or "PSC," displayed on vehicles as "TCP 00000A" or "PSC 00000" (or both) with the zeros representing the number assigned to the carrier by the PUC, and the "A" representing a PUC-assigned alphabetic character indicating a specific type of passenger carrier.

      IRP: The International Registration Plan identification number assigned by the appropriate agency in your state (DMV for California-based carriers).