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      Trucker News — USDOT Vinyl Lettering

      How To Display Your USDOT Commercial Truck Lettering Decals | Fancy vs Regular Lettering?

      basic vs fancy usdot truck lettering

      Not all lettering is created equal. We often see commercial businesses displaying their truck lettering with cheap hardware store stickers that fall off within months, or worse, displaying their important information on pieces of paper or cardboard.

      If you have a transportation business, you want to be professional. You want leave a positive impression with the public and with business partners, that’s why we always recommend professional vinyl lettering.

      In the example below, both of the letterings are US DOT compliant, but one looks a lot more professional and leaves a brand impression.

      The basic lettering on the left displays all of the information required to do trucking business. It’s discreet, it visible and looks professional.

      The fancy lettering on the right leaves a long-lasting positive impression and it’s also DOT compliant. The USDOT & MC lettering is nicely integrated with the truck door logo.  

      As we stated earlier, both are DOT compliant but one leaves an impression and combines compliance with aesthetics.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


      usdot vinyl lettering decal stickers | fancy vs basic lettering

      We Want To Take This Moment And Thank All Of The Truckers Who Made Us #1 In USDOT Truck Lettering

      We Want To Take This Moment And Thank All Of The Truckers Who Made Us #1 In USDOT Truck Lettering

      This blog post is dedicated to all of the hardworking truckers that have been supporting us throughout the years. We salute your hard work & dedication, especially during these difficult COVID-19 times. We want to let you know that we are here for you & want to thank you for making us #1 in USDOT truck lettering. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to provide excellent customer service (the best in the industry) and our team has grown. We now have a full staff of graphic designers dedicated to serving you.

       Again, thank you for making us #1.

       The US Decals Team.


      the best in usdot vinyl lettering