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      Trucker News

      Let's Talk About ARB California Air Resources Board Compliance

      Let's Talk About ARB California Air Resources Board Compliance

      If you're operating a reefer trailer in California you must make sure to register your reefer trailer and display your assigned ARB number on your reefer. If there's enough area to display it horizontally then great, if not make sure to display it vertically. 

      arb reefer number decal


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      vertical arb number decal


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      Also, if you are operating an off-road vehicle you will need to display your EIN number on your vehicle.


      carb ein number decal


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      We Can Place Your Logo + USDOT Number On A Magnet For DOT Compliance

      custom usdot logo magnets

      Are you looking to display your logo and your USDOT number on a magnetic sheet? Allow us to help! Using magnets for business and DOT compliance is a great way to use your personal vehicle for business as well! Send us your logo and business information and we'll be more than happy to assist!


      custom usdot magnet